Why CORE Endodontics?

Traditional root canal therapy can be stressful and overwhelming. We are here to change that.

Why CORE Endodontics

Your comfort is our priority. From the first call you make to our practice through your root canal therapy, we want you to feel good that you chose CORE Endodontics.



Endodontist downtown Seattle with a coffee maker

When you get here

We provide things like: Wi-Fi, cell phone chargers, magazines, a Nespresso coffee maker and other beverages to get you settled into our practice.

During your procedure

Once you are seated for your procedure we invite you to stay cozy with a warm blanket. You can also zone out with our Bose noise cancelling headphones.

The hall in our dental office in downtown Seattle

After you're done

Freshen up with a warm facial towel in our in- suite bathroom. Grab a coffee or juice on your way out the door.


GentleWave Seattle

SonEndo GentleWave

The GentleWave System is a significant advancment in root canal therapy.  By using advanced fluid dynamics to create a vortex of procedure fluids that travel through your root canal system, helping to remove the tissue and debris that cause infection.1,2 Unlike standard root canal treatments, the GentleWave Ultracleaning Procedure is able to reach all throughout your tooth—even in the microscopic places1,2 where bacteria can hide.

Microscope we use for our root canals


We are excited to be the first office in Seattle to use this technology. TrueVision is a magnification system that was originally developed for neurosurgery. This system allows for non-invasive 3D magnification onto a 55 inch TV screen. TrueVision magnifies all the intricacies of a patient’s anatomy to identify every area of possible infection and inflammation. The design of the system reduces fatigue for both the patient and provider.

Our CBCT machine allows us to take 3d images of your tooth before your root canal

CBCT-Cone Beam Computed Tomography

The CBCT allows us to visually construct your tooth in 3-dimensions which greatly increases the success of identifying all the anatomy of your tooth and the extent of the infection and inflammation.  Having this tomography allows us to decrease the time of the procedure while increasing the rate of success.

We invested in a J Morita CBCT machine, considered the highest quality CBCT available. The J Morita gives the most precise image with the lowest amount of radiation (it produces less radiation than your average plane ride to Los Angeles).


Single use files in our downtown seattle dental office

Single use files

The FDA and manufacturers recommend using new rotary instruments for each patient, but it is common practice in the US to use files multiple times on multiple patients. Our office chooses to  use rotary instruments only one time and dispose of them after each patient in accordance with the manufacturer and FDA guidelines.

Electronic apex locator

EAL measures the electrical current that lies within your body and tells us exactly where we should stop cleaning your tooth. This tool allows us to greatly reduce treatment time while increasing the success rate of the procedure.


Seattle Magazine cover

Seattle Met

Our office is proud that Dr. Germack has been named to Seattle Met Top Dentist several times. The honor is an achievement that is decided upon by the dental community of Seattle.

Journal of Endodontics

Journal of Endodontics

While completing his Endodontic residency at Oregon Health and Sciences University, Dr. Germack conducted research to gain a better use of antibiotics in root canal therapy. The research was published in October 2017 issue of the Journal of Endodontics. The research has also been used to influence guidelines for treating dental infections.

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